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Commissions: OPEN

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 24, 2012, 4:16 AM

All prices are in USD currency

- If the commission info is too confusing/difficult/time consuming, I may reject your order.

- I will not draw furries/R18/ or hardcore yaoi/yuri (I am willing to do some minor BL/GL though)

- Character/costume designs from me, complicated props, and/or backgrounds beyond a simple color/design/pattern would be an extra charge.

- Additional characters are half the original price

- Payment via PayPal only unless stated otherwise (for pixels and chibis).

- Full payment before I start drawing, please, however I will be open discussion if you absolutely cannot do so.

- Commissioners cover the PayPal transaction fee, which I calculate here.

-Depending on how many commissions I have at the time, it might take me a little while, but I will update you with WIP's.

- Got questions? Feel free to drop me a comment and ask!</s>

What You Can Order:

Type A: Painted

Nevermore by BerriSugar  Sweet Bones by BerriSugar  Boobo by BerriSugar
✽ Bust -$40
✽ Full body-$55

Type B: Soft Shade

R Academy Witch by BerriSugar  r a d i o a c t i v e by BerriSugar  |a p p l e s e e d| by BerriSugar
✽ Bust -$25
✽ Full body-$35

Type C: Pixel
Dream Berri by BerriSugar Pixel Comm: Set 1 by BerriSugarPixel Comm: madokke by BerriSugar  
Pixel Comm: Set 2 by BerriSugarPixel Comm: OneEyedNeko by BerriSugarPixel Comm: OneEyedNeko II by BerriSugar

✽ Static-5$/400pts

Type D: Chibis
[Gift]: Chibis by BerriSugar Chibi Comm: Mimru by BerriSugar
Chibi Comm: Set 1 by BerriSugar
✽ 5$/400pts

How to Order:
Please note me, titled something along the lines of "Commission" with the following:

- Order (see commission info above; ex. type D, full body, 1 character)

- Character visual reference required, even if it isn't completely detailed/of high quality/etc, unless you want me to completely design a character/design their outfit, then give me a description of what you want.

- Your PayPal email address

- Anything else you'd like me to know~





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July 24, 2012


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